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Basic Interview Questions for Windows Server L1/L2 Profile
By Pranay Jha | Feb 10, 2016 | In InterviewQuestions | Update: May 18, 2016 | Total Views [ 16793 ]
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  • What is basic disk and dynamic disk?
  • Difference between Primary, Logical, and Extended partition?
  • Difference between RAID 0, RAID, 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 01?
  • What is diskpart and how to use this?
  • How to extend a partition?
  • How to shrink a partition?
  • What if a disk is full and there is no unwanted stuff which can be deleted?
  • What step will you take if a drive space is out of threshold?
  • What is difference between MBR and GPT partition?
  • What is ILO, and how to access it?
  • What if a physical server's device is faulty? What step will you take?
  • What is Model of Server on which you worked?
  • What is Hyper Threading (HT)?
  • What is Blue Dump? How to analyse error of Blue dump?
  • What is BSOD? What is full form and how to analyze?
  • What is memory.dmp?
  • What is Page file?
  • What is Virtual Memory?
  • What is Patch?
  • What is Hotfix?
  • When do Microsoft release patches? Which Day?
  • How to diagnose if a server is in hang state?
  • How to diagnose if RDP is not coming of a VM, but server is pingable?
  • How to diagnose if Memory/CPU utlization is high? Steps you will perform?
  • Difference between 2008 and 2003 and 2008 R2?
  • How many types of 2008?
  • What is x86 and x64 bit processor?
  • What is x86 and x64 bit OS?
  • Which one is best?
  • What is IML Logs in HP Server?
  • What is ADU and ACU Logs in HP Server?
  • What is Roles and Features in Windows 2008?
  • What is DNS?
  • What is Resource Records?
  • Type of Resource Records?
  • Types of Zone?
  • Prerequisites to install DNS?
  • What is preffered DNS and Alternate DNS in Client?
  • How DNS Client does query?
  • Process to resolve query?
  • What is Primary, Secondary and Stub Zone?
  • Port no of DNS?
  • How to backup DNS?
  • Main purpose of DNS?
  • What is SOA record?
  • What is NS Record?
  • What is MX Record?
  • What is A Record?
  • What is PTR Record?
  • By default, if the name is not found in the cache or local hosts file, what is the first step the client takes to resolve the FQDN name into an IP address ?
  • Difference between DNS and WINS?
  • How does DNS records replicate?
  • Which log is created in event log if server has DNS service installed?

  • What is Active Directory?
  • What are the objects in AD?
  • What is Logical and Physical Structure of AD?
  • What is Global Catalog? And how to configure it?
  • What is FSMO Roles? Explain all roles? And what is importance of each roles?
  • What is Forest, Tree?
  • What is Domain?
  • What is Domain Controller?
  • What is Child Domain?
  • What is Trust? Type of Trust? By Default trust between domains in Forest?
  • What is Shortcut Trus?
  • What is Group Policy?
  • What is GPO?
  • Tools to configure Group Policy?
  • How to apply a Wall paper?
  • Which type of group policies you have applied so far?
  • How group policy does work? How it get implement?
  • Where we can apply GPO?
  • What is LDAP?
  • What is KCC?
  • Command to check if group policy is applying on machine?
  • How to forcefully apply a group policy? Command?
  • What is Infrastructure Master Rol?
  • Difference between Infrastructure and GC? Why we should not keep both on same server?
  • What is Kerberos? Port NO?
  • How a user get authenticate? Login Process?
  • What is Replication?
  • What is Group in Active Directory? Type of Groups?
  • Difference between Security and Distributed Group?
  • Difference between Universal, Domain, and Global Group?
  • Name of Logs which created in Event Logs if server is domain Controller?
  • What is File Server?
  • What is Print Server?
  • What console we use to access Print queues in 2008?
  • What is Print Queue?
  • What is NTFS permission on Folder?
  • What is Sharing permission on Folder?
  • What is inheritance of permissions? how to do apply inheritance?
  • Suppose if a UserA is added to FolderA, and he has Modify permissions, and he is also a memeber of SecurityGroupA, and this SecurityGroupA is added to FolderA and having Read permissions, then what permissions will be applicable for UserA?
  • Suppose if UserA has Full permission is Security, and Read permission in Shring, what permission will be applicable?
  • What is ROBO COPY?
  • How to configure Local printer, network printer?
  • How to check effective permission of folder for a single user?
  • What is difference between Modify permission and Full permission?
  • What is Quota?
  • What is File Screening? How to configure this?
  • What is FSRM?

  • What is DHCP?
  • What is DORA process?
  • How DHCP is provide IP to client?
  • What step you will perform if CLient is not picking IP/
  • What is command to release and renew IP?
  • What is APIPA IP?
  • What is Scope?
  • What is Super Scope in DHCP?
  • What is Reservation in DHCP?
  • What is Exclusion in DHCP?
  • What is default time of IP Lease?

  • What is IIS?
  • What is FTP Server?
  • Port no of FTP?
  • How to configure IIS and FTP?
  • Full form of IIS and FTP?
  • Uses of IIS?
  • What is Certificate?
  • How to create certificate?
  • Command to open IIS?
  • Command to restart all website? iisreset /noforce
  • How to restart a single site from IIS Mangager?
  • What is Host file?
  • What is LMHost file?

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