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NSX-V Part 13 - Add a Logical Switch
By Sanjay Verma | May 25, 2020 | In Articles | Update: Jun 14, 2020 | Total Views [ 2297 ]
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Hello Guys!!

We had discussed earlier in Session-11 about how to "Add a Transport Zone". Now we are going to discuss about how to Add a Logical Switch.

Session-12 : Add a Logical Switch

Login to vCenter Server and go to "Networking & Security" > Go to Logical Swithes

Click on + sign & create New Logical Switch > Input Logical Switch name > Select Transport Zone > Select Replication Mode as Unicast > Click on check box on Enable IP Discovery > Click Ok.

Now Logical Switch has been added.

Now going to add Virtual Machine

Select the First Virtual Machine

Select the Second Virtual Machine

Move both Virtual Machine Finally 

Select the Network Adaptor

Now Virtual Machines have added including Network Adaptor with Logical Switch

Verify the Logical Switch in Distributed Switch


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